Rumors of the marriage of Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt

Maya and Osman’s most popular dramas together are Aunn Zara, Diyar-e-Dil, Aik Nayee Cinderella, and Sanam. Apart from dramas, they also appeared together in several fashion shoots. Now after a long time, Super talented and on-screen couple Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt were recently spotted together at GMP “Shan-e-Suhoor”.

They both looked beautiful and cute together and “Osmaya” fans love them. The host asks a question, what is the most interesting rumor Maya has heard about herself?

Talking about her marriage rumors, Maya Ali said I was on the set of shooting a drama serial when my mother called me in a hurry and said that you have married a boy named Osman and you married him. Not until told. about it.” “Someone uploaded to our Wikipedia profile that we are married with two children,” Osman added.

Maya added, “These were BTS wedding photos from the drama serial ‘Aon Zara’ which started circulating on social media. Everyone, including my mother, thought it was a real photo of our wedding, later He told his mother that this was a BTS picture of our upcoming project until people started congratulating us.

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