Kubra Khan talks about fashion choices and marriage rumors.

Kubra Khan is not only a beautiful face and a talented actress but she is also a fun person and always responds to her fans with a smile. Kubra is dominating the screens these days with hit Dramas like Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, Sinf e Aahan and Sang e Mah. Kubra is Abhee and London Nahin Jaunga will be working on upcoming films.

Kubra appeared on the mission where she answered some interesting questions. She reacted to a fan who asked if wearing a sleeveless dress in winter made her feel cold. To which he replied that he feels very cold but once the camera is on, everything is over.

She also responded to a fan and revealed that the reason why a lot of Actresses wear clothes is that the designers usually provide them with these clothes which they return after shooting.

Kabra also refuted the rumors and speculations of marriage regarding Gohar Rashid and said that Gohar is his best friend and that’s it. They are not romantically involved, nor are they married.

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