The story of the sudden death of Mohsin Gilani’s daughter.

Syed Mohsin Gilani is a well-known author and actor in Pakistan Media Industry. He has appeared in several PTV dramas. His plays include Aik Pal, Ghoghi, Fasiq, and Rang Mahal. He also appeared in popular PTV productions.

Recently, a clip from the television show Taron Say Karen Batain went viral in which he told about the sudden and tragic death of his young daughter. He said the best time of his life was when his daughter was born, then he got married and it was a difficult time.

“The worst time was when my daughter was going to the hospital for a year after the wedding. She was happy. She called me and said we were in the hospital.” ‘I want you to take care of my daughter’, a few hours later she was blessed with daughter’s blessing, we all started congratulating and then suddenly my wife came to me and told me that my daughter is getting sick I went and saw my daughter. Who was narrating while experiencing her death at that moment, He said, “Now I have lost my senses and now I can’t feel my hands, I can’t see” and she died in front of us in a few minutes, I kept calling her name but she died. Mohsin Gilani, Fiza Ali, and everyone on the show set started crying after hearing the heartbreaking story of their daughter.


Fans were saddened to hear his tragic story, expressed their heartfelt condolences to the actor, and prayed for him and his daughter.

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