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Hum TV has reunited last year’s blockbuster Ramadan drama, the author and director duo, to present another big Ramadan drama for the channel this year. This is a modern style of the classic trap of “Hum Tum” directed by Danish Nawaz and Saima Akram Chaudhry’s script “Attracted to the Opponent”.

The story revolves around two neighboring families, Professor Qutbuddin and Sultan.

Maha (Sarah Khan), Neha (Rimsha Khan), and Sasha (Anusha Rania Khan) are the three disturbing but wonderful daughters of Professor Qutbuddin Aibak (Adnan Jafar) and Ulfat (Arjumand Rahim). The three girls are pampered by their grandfather Safiuddin (Mohammad Ahmed) who is known as ‘Dadu Handsome’.

In another house, Adam (Ahad Raza Mir) and Sarmad (Junaid Khan) live with their educated but unemployed father Sultan (Farhan Ali Agha) who is accustomed to small gambling, and Halima (Munazzah Arif) who is a sweet Temperament A woman who tends to forget things easily. Halima’s widowed mother, Tamana Begum alias Nano (Uzma Beg) also lives in the house which has a marriage bureau and all the matches under it are notorious for ending in divorce. Mili (Aina Asif), the youngest sister who loves martial arts, completes the house.

Each character has its unique characteristics. The theme of attracting opponents is very clearly woven into the character design. For example, Adam is a clean slate while Neha has a habit of messing up wherever she goes. Sarmad is a successful chef who can easily cook any dish while Maha is very conscious about his calorie intake. Sarmad is just a graduate, while Maha gives the highest priority to education. Adam is the almost adopted son of Professor Qutbuddin. Even though he is preferred by the professor over his daughters, the fact is that Neha has declared Adam a loss to her very existence.

Right now, Adam and Neha are embroiled in a bitter feud and are missing out on an opportunity to annoy each other. Sarmad loves Maha but he (and everyone except Adam) is oblivious to reality.

Sisters Maha, Neha, and Sasha do not have the skills to do housework. The three girls are shown focusing more on their studies, have their agency with which they refuse to compromise, and are completely comfortable in their skin, not impressed that the world is with them. What does she do Understands

Neha turns on her grandfather’s Vespa and kills any person, bully, or classmate who, being the best student in the chemistry department, dares to harm her family. Maha is shown to have had a nikah that ended in divorce before the rukhsati could happen, but there is almost no mention of her as a special attribute. She is pursuing a degree in psychology to care for him. Sasha, an IT student, specializes in computer and especially ID hacking.

On the other hand, Adam and Sarmad brothers are shown happily doing so-called “feminine” tasks like cooking and cleaning the house without realizing that their masculinity is in danger. Sarmad spends most of his time in the kitchen, Adam is shown adjusting the cushioning of sofa cushions and flower pots and tying his sister’s hair without saying a word about her death. Is. Sarmad is also an outspoken supporter of the freedom of the Aibak sisters, which Adam jokes about because of his love for Maha, but Adam is also seen supporting Neha’s move, which led to her initial disapproval. Despite this, a teaser is publicly beaten.

Even both grandparents have their own independent lives. Dadu Handsome has a thriving talk show career while Nano is excited about his marriage bureau despite the matches ending in divorce.


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