Mere Humsafar Copies Viral Humsafar Scene

Mere Humsafar is an Ary Digital drama serial that is gaining popularity due to its unique story. The love story of Halla & Hamza is captivating the audience and the fans are talking about the couple’s on-screen chemistry.

In the recent episode, a beautiful scene of Hala and Hamza went viral which caught the attention of netizens. In the clip, Hamza unveils Hala’s hair with permission. The scene was captured by Twitter users who thought the scene had a striking resemblance to the viral scene from the drama Humsafar. A fan also compiled a short video of similar clips. Take a look at the similarities between the two dramas. Fans also tweeted about it. They said that Mere Humsafar is a little similar to Humsafar. They are also comparing and commenting on scenes from the play.

However, Mere Humsafar fans did not like to compare Mere Humsafar with his Humsafar.

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